Erica our Alexander Technique teacher, Alex (EThPK), Leanne (student), Jane (EThPK) and small neighbour

Pat, Alex (EThPK), Leanne (student), Jane (EThPK)and small neighbour

Pat Ki

The Pat Ki Equine Massage Diploma is accredited by the highly respected FHT.
I am an approved training provider for IICHT* and have been consulted by Defra and the FHT on the regulation of and NOS (national occupational standards) for animal therapies.

I started my equine therapy courses in 1998. My background is in education (Certificate in Education, TDLB 32/33, and Certificate in Counselling Skills in the Development of Learning) and massage (Body Massage, Advanced Body Massage, Indian Head Massage and Shi Zen No Hands Massage amongst others). My other therapies include Aromatherapy, Bach Remedies, Kinesiology and Quantum -Touch (R) all of which I have taught and practised for many years.

I have ridden whenever and wherever possible since I was 10, including at the Yorkshire Riding Centre.I was the proud owner of Olivia and Jess, two Dales mares, until 2009 when I lost Olivia but I still have Jess. She is my teacher and happily, I ride her nearly every day. I love handling horses, enjoy post trail riding, also all aspects of natural horse work, and am currently looking forward to both learning ‘horse agility’ and advancing my skills in energy therapies.

I have run my courses and workshops locally including at the Yorkshire Dales Trekking Centre (where I met and bought Olivia and Jess), the Yorkshire Riding Centre and the Harrogate Equestrian and Language Centre. I now supervise and administer my Equine Massage Diploma which is taught for me by Alex Jakob-Whitworth at Milburn in Cumbria.

I am a member of FHT, EBF, NAREMT, IFHBT, ICHT**
*International Institute for Complementary Therapists
** International Council of Complementary Therapists

Alex Jakob-Whitworth - EThPK, MA, MIPTI, PGCE

Alex has been involved with horses all her life and it is through her work as an Equine Massage Therapist that she has become more involved in the equine back and the demands made upon it, as well as the communication between horse and human.

She trained at the world famous Yorkshire Riding Centre with Jane and Christopher Bartle, competed up to Elementary in Dressage and has started her own young horses. She took all of the Monty Roberts courses starting in 1997 and trained with Pat Ki in 2002.

Her business, formed in 2002, “Equine Awareness”, focuses on Equine Massage Therapy and the holistic well-being of horses and their riders. She runs workshops and clinics in Equine Massage, Behaviour, Anatomy, Handling and Groundwork, and Tack Awareness, and also writes regularly for Cumbria Horse on Equine Behaviour and Training.

She is a qualified teacher and has been teaching Pat’s Equine Massage Diploma since 2004.

She is currently extending her studies (Professional Diploma in Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation) into equine biomechanics as she believes that this can greatly enhance our understanding of how the horse and rider function as a pair, as well as increase knowledge of the subtle differences that different equines exhibit depending on the stresses made on them. She is a Research Associate of the Saddle Research Trust and maintains her CPD through shadowing other equine professionals and attending relevant courses and conferences. She gained a distinction in the NPTC course in Health and Safety in the Equine Environment.

Alex is also a highly talented artist who exhibits, and delivers workshops and tutoring.
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Erica Donnison

MSC Pose Running Coach
MBTI TTEAM Practioner

Erica is the Alexander Technique teacher based in Cumbria who instructs our students in the best use of body posture to improve their massage.
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Kathy Hick


Kathy coaches our students in Alexander Technique when Erica is not free.
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Lucy Crow BSC (Hons) OSE(1999) & Diploma in Animal Osteopathy

Lucy is based in Cumbria where she treats people and animals .She has made an excellent contribution to the EThPK massage course for several years.

Four of Your Equine Tutors:

Samson is a registered Friesian. He was a stallion until he was 12 and then was in private ownership until his owners’ emigration led him to the Unicorn Centre, Middlesbrough where he was ridden by a wide variety of disabled riders – including competing nationally in Dressage. He has “retired” to Cumbria where he has taken to his new role of massage teacher and gentleman with vigour, enthusiasm and the gentleness for which he is so well known amongst his fans.

Tempest was a national showing prize-winner as a youngster. She is a Spotted Horse and her pedigree is littered with outstanding Spotted Horses. She has tremendous character – easy to do but extremely communicative and tells her students much about learning to listen.

Mojo is a Welsh Section B with a beautiful personality to match his dainty head. His ground manners are impeccable and he is a very generous teacher who will sometimes tell you what he wants – yet quite politely. He helps students to learn to develop feel.

Tarrianna is from the same stud as Tempest (Tanzivan in Market Harborough) but she is only 34 inches high! Most students want to put her in their pocket as she is extremely sweet and very careful with everyone. She has the lovely head and action of her breeding (Miniature Spotted Pony – much smaller and daintier than a Shetland) and the temperament for which her line is well-known. She will teach you how to temper your massage – her comments on what you do will be very subtle but valuable nonetheless.

Your other equine tutors include top eventers from Crackenthorpe Stud and even Shires from Culgaith.

Awaiting massage Models at play
Jess teaching aromatherapy students 'flehmen' Tom, from Crackenthorpe Stud