In 2004 having taught eleven courses in Equine Massage and seven full Diplomas in Equine Therapies I passed the Equine Massage training over to Alex Jakob-Whitworth EThPK MA PGCE in Cumbria.

I continue to teach Equine Aromatherapy, CPDs and Owner Workshops. See Shorter Courses.

Graduates on my register may add EThPK after their names and keep in touch via KiT Newsletters and Gatherings. The KiT subscription is £6 a year.

Programme for 2017/18
Equine Massage Courses

Professional Diploma in Equine Massage

Module 1. September 21st-24th
Module 2. 3 days (tbd)
Module 3. 3 days (tbd)
Module 4. 2 days (tbd)
Exams August 2018 (tbd)

Bespoke courses also available


The initial 4 day module will also be open to students wishing to gain knowledge and techniques to use solely on their own horses . One module. No exams. £600.


'Bach Remedies for Horses Home Study Course'
2 books, 40 Illustrations, 10 Lessons & a Certificate
Learn to use the 38 different remedies.

Quote: 'I've totally enjoyed this course and can't wait to spread the word.' Linda Branston EThPK

'Aromatherapy for Owners Home Study Course'
Learn the safe use of oils with your own horse/s.
12 lessons and a Certificate.

Quote: 'I have so enjoyed learning about these oils and using them to benefit my Arabs.' Peggy Fuchs