Pat with Jess

I am a qualified, experienced educationalist and therapist now specialising in equine therapies. These therapies are complementary not alternative. I have been riding since 1949, teaching since 1959 and practising complementary therapies professionally since 1991 .In 1994 I opened the Pat Ki School of Massage. I own two Dales , Olivia* and Jessica Sioux and numerous small animals - including ferrets! I have always been a very tactile person , learned massage in the 1980s and subsequently practised and taught body massage ,aromatherapy, infant massage, meridian massage ,Indian head massage, kinesiology and other therapies.

My passion for horses began when I was 10 years old and in 1997 I began to massage horses as well as humans . Since 1998 I have offered training in both equine massage and aromatherapy. All my courses have been validated by a professional body and my Equine Massage Diploma inspected and accredited by the president of the FHT ( Federation of Holistic Therapists). All my graduates and students are eligible for insurance.

Pat finishing a tail massage.
WARNING She is working on a very safe relaxed client
Do not try this at home!
My Qualifications

IHBC Certificate in Body Massage,IIHHT Diploma in Body Massage, No Hands Massage 1 ,
IIHHT Diploma in Aromatherapy, International College Diploma in Aromatherapy, TFH Kinesiology, Reiki 2nd Degree, Bach Flower Remedies 1, RSA Certificate in Counselling, Indian Head Massage, Certificate in Education ( Birmingham University), City & Guilds TDLB 32/33, Practitioner Certificate in Quantum Touch®, and I use Animal Healing and Animal Communication.

Member of: International Council of Holistic Therapists,( ICHT), Federation of Holistic Therapies (FHT), International Federation of Health & Beauty Therapists (IFHBT) and Association of Therapy Lecturers (ATL). Also a member of: Harrogate Bridleways Association (HBA), International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH)(now World Horse Welfare) Equine Behaviour Forum (EBF) and RSPCA and the National Association of Registered Equine Massage Therapists (NAREMT).

Associate Member of the British Holistic Veterinary Medicine Association (BHVMA).

*Sadly I had to say 'goodbye and thank you 'to Olivia in on 26th June 2009. Her ashes now lie at the base of her favourite tree.