www.centaur-therapies.co.uk - Holly Davies Animal Communicator.
www.hotcourses.com - Training courses helpline.
www.learning-matters.co.uk - More training courses - North Yorkshire training
www.fht.org.uk - Federation of Holistic Therapists.
www.iptiuk.com Independent Professional Therapists International
www.equine-awareness.co.uk Alex provides training in Health & Safety with Horses, the Pat Ki Certificate in Equine Massage; she also runs workshops in tack, equine behaviour, massage for owners, drawing horses and much more.
www.naturalmatters.net The one-stop portal for all your natural living needs, animal and human. Excellent weekly newsletter.Not to be missed.
www.quantumtouch.com Simpler than Reiki, an amazing hands-on healing for people, plants and animals.
www.ponypics.co.uk Put your favourite horse on a mug, teeshirt etc.
www.wireuk.org Women in Rural Enterprise: An inspirational network for women in business
www.worcnet.co.uk Worcnet: Women in Rural Communities : For business women in Yorkshire-another excellent training and support group
www.naturalhorsetrainer.co.uk Charles Wilson : horsemanship skills specialist, qualified tuition for all levels of rider, horses started and schooled, BWBS stud.
www.equinereflections.co.uk Equine Reflections: Workshops amp; Private Sessions in Equine Facilitated Learning for Personal and Spiritual Growth and Horsemanship for Equestrians through The Epona ApproachTM
www.devonridingholidays.co.uk Fabulous rides on beach and moorland and an 8 furlong gallop. Zana Jackson
www.taranet.co.uk Taranet: Promote your animal's health naturally with information online.
www.atechniqueforlife.co.uk Erica Donnison: Alexander Technique
www.crackenthorpestud.com/facilities Crackenthorpe Stud: Acclaimed Centre for breeding and training competition horses.

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