General Queries

Q: Can I spread the fee payment?
A: Once you have paid your deposit, you could pay an instalment before each module.

Queries on the Massage Course

Q: How long has one to shadow another equine health professional , what evidence is required and is it possible to fit that round a full time job?
A: Up to 1/2 a day in total would suffice. Some photos and a brief write up of treatments. The hours could be fitted round a full time job.
Q: What is the cost of the books and other course materials?
A: 'Hands On' DVD is 14.99 .Check Amazon for book prices.
Q: What insurance is required and at what cost?
A: Professional Liability Insurance /Therapists Malpractice Towergate Professional Risks (around 107-122 depending on 1 million or 2 million cover). 0113 3919555. See also Holistic Insurance Services at
Q: How available are instructors/advisors, are they readily contactable with problems?
A: Yes , Alex & I are at the end of a phone or e-mail.
Q: What is approx. home study time/hours?
A: Theory study in your spare time , + time spent travelling to horses and giving treatments varies with each individual. We assume that students are motivated and committed to this course and it is spread over 12 months.
Q: How many massage students have qualified?
A: You can count them on the 'Therapists' page of and there are always more about to qualify.
Q: What is percentage of students passing qualification/finishing course?
A: 76% Some opt to use skills just on their own horses, others have had to drop out for personal or family reasons e.g illness, moving abroad.
Q: How many students get work after course?
A: All, but they begin part time . Some continue part time , others build up to full time a percentage combining it with other skills i.e. riding instruction, running a livery, saddle fitting, workshops, demonstrations, lecturing, massaging riders or with another equine therapy.
Q:. How often are courses run?
A:Twice a year ( beginning either in September or April).