Mind governs body

Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) researched thirty eight negative emotional states and found a natural remedy for each of them. These are his famous Bach Remedies. Rescue Remedy* (or Five Flower Remedy) deals with shock or trauma and the dosage is 4 drops for humans/small animals, 8 drops for horses.

All other remedies are given at 2 drops each, (4 for horses and other large animals). Horses can take the drops on a hollowed out carrot chunk or in a bucket of water.

* A must for every home and stable!

How are they made?
The remedies are extracted from plant material via infusion in sunlight or by boiling. The resulting liquid is added to brandy to make a mother tincture and this is diluted. (In fact only 1 drop of the original plant water itself is in a 30 ml bottle).

Inexpensive, non- toxic, non-addictive, can be used in conjunction with other treatments. No danger of overdosing.

To find out more enrol for
Pat Ki Home Study in Bach Remedies
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Bach Remedies Home Study for Owners

Topics covered:
Dr. Bach- his life and discoveries
Treating acute and chronic conditions
Rescue Remedy/Rescue Remedy Cream
A detailed profile of each remedy
Examples of relevant human and animal conditions
Case histories

You work through each of 10 lessons with two reference books and some additional material. I supply the books and plant pictures which you keep. You receive a certificate on completion.


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