Journal articles by Pat Ki : [ Holistic Therapist Issues 2 to 6]
1.'In Praise of Horse Massage'
2.'Aromatherapy for Horses'
3.'Using Kinesiology with Horses and Humans'
4.'Dowsing for Oils'
5.'Hydrotherapy for Horses'

Others include:

'The BHVMA, RCVS and Essential Oils' BHV Journal Volume 3

'The Veterinary Act and Essential Oils'- APACHE Journal April 2001

'Therapies for Animals' IPTI Magazine May 2003

'Pat Ki Diploma in Equine Therapies' Purple Flame Newsletter Autumn 2003

'Equine Aromatherapy' Holistic Pets

'Equine Kinesiology' In Touch magazine Issue 12

'Pat Ki School of Massage' Purple Flame Aromatherapy 2005/2006

Audio Tape
'Complementary Therapies for Animals' a talk given for the Professional Therapist 2001 Conference . This tape [CT14] is available from FHT price £7.50 .FHT tel: 023 3061 8850 .