Michelle's oil gets a positive reaction (flehmen)! EThPK Norfolk

Home study on the safe application of essential oils, absolutes, fixed oils and gels appropriate for minor physical conditions and psychological disorders. This is succeeded by practice in blending and presenting oils to a variety of horses plus basic kinesiology. This module teaches Aromatology ¹ (the application of essential oils without massage) and Osmotherapy ²( the therapeutic use of fragrance ). Minimum of 10 cases.

¹ coined by William Arnauld- Taylor
² From Van Toller & Dodds 'The Psychology & Biology of Perfume'

This course is no longer available as Equine Massage has overtaken it in popularity but please see Aromatherapy for Owners under Shorter Courses.

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I have used around 80 aromatics myself and my approach is based on my experience and the small amount of scientific evidence available, rather than what has been passed down by aromatherapy authors since the 1960s. Many of my graduates have worked with dogs as well and had success treating e.g. skin complaints, travel sickness and infertility